We are a small business located in Charlotte, NC that formulates and creates handmade body care staples and home fragrance. We firmly believe that great scents are mood boosters and when paired with effective body care essentials and home scents, it's the best of both worlds. Who doesn't love to smell and feel good? 
Tiara, the owner fell in love with the creative side of the business and established the company to provide customers with healthier body care staples with an affordable luxury aesthetic.
"We're a brand that loves to evolve and explore new scents and products. We introduce our customers with new scents every season while also bringing back those scents that customers love from season to season. Sometimes we hit a wall and not every scent or product is a hit. A small percentage of our customer base may like the scent/product but as a business, if it's not selling overall, then we have to discontinue it.
Our target market are those who like to keep it fresh, innovative and switch scents up." - Tiara, Owner