Q. Do you offer local pickup?
A. Sorry, we have discontinued the local pickup option.

Q. When will my order be shipped?
A. Allow us up to four (4) full business days (Mon-Fri) and up to six (6) full business days during November-December for processing, not including the day you placed your order.  

Q. I received my tracking number but I don't see any tracking updates on is my package?

A. Please allow 24-48 hours for your tracking to be updated.  Sometimes USPS will not update the tracking information until your package has reached your local post office.  This is very common for orders shipped via First Class.

Q. When will item XXXX be back in stock?
A. Sign up for our email newsletter and follow us on Instagram @daukensaromeco to be notified of restocks.  

Q. I see that item XXXX is sold out online, do you by chance have any available that hasn't been added to the site?
A. We don't hold on to inventory.  If the product page lists the product as being sold out, it's really sold out.

Q. I forgot to enter my coupon code during checkout, can you apply it for me?
A. We must be able to keep a record within your order of what code was utilized.  That record can only be applied when the discount code is entered during checkout and cannot be accurately captured on the back-end.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Q. I don't like the fragrance of the item I purchased.  Can I return or exchange it?
A. Unfortunately we cannot refund/exchange a product because you don’t like the fragrance.  We do provide detailed fragrance descriptions, however, we understand that fragrance is subjective. As a workaround we suggest that you check to see if we offer the fragrance in a sample size product (i.e. perfume/colgone oil) prior to committing to a full-size product. 

Q. What is the price of a custom loaf of soap and how do I order?
A. Custom loaves start at $65 each (not including shipping) and you will receive ten (10) of our full-size bars.  Please email us and we will discuss fragrance, colors and the design that you'd like for your custom loaf.

Q. How long will it take before I receive my custom loaf of soap?
A. Our soaps require a minimum of 3 weeks (21 days) to cure before they are ready to be shipped. Cold process soaps are made with a high content of water, pure oils and butters and they need time for the water to evaporate from them.  Cure time also allows for a harder and longer lasting bar.