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  • Blackberry+Sage - a unique and complex fragrance blend of fresh sagewoody cedar and sweetdark blackberry.  This is an incredibly fresh scent with a hint of sweetness.
  • Cashmere+Tonka - is giving you demure, soft and a bit of sultry with notes of vanilla bean, cashmere woods, tonka and amber.
  • Coco+Cashmere - soft, warm and comforting notes of vanilla, tonka, coconut, jasmine, cocoa buttercashmeresandalwoodamber and musk.
  • Vanilla Pearls - the perfect vanilla fragrance with notes of orchid, vanilla, amber and musk.


  • Angels' Elixir- inspired by Kilian's Angels' Share*, this warm and lightly spiced unisex fragrance is hyped and loved by the masses!  With notes of cognac , cinnamon, tonka, oak, praline, vanilla and sandalwood you'll understand the affinity for this juice at first spritz.
  • Belle - inspired by Parfums De Marly's Delina*, this fragrance will have you feeling and smelling like the belle in any space you occupy. With notes of lycheerhubarbbergamotnutmegTurkish rosevetivervanilla and musk, this gorgeous floral belongs in every belle's collection.
  • Belle Exclusive - inspired by Parfums De Marly's Delina Exclusif*, with notes of lychee, pear, bergamot, Turkish rose, oud, incense, vanillaamber and musk, this is the sweeter and creamy sister of BelleTry layering the two for a unique fragrance profile.
  • Caramel Glacé - inspired by Xerjoff's Casamorati 1888 Lira*, with notes of blood orangebergamot, lavender, cinnamon, licorice, jasmine, caramel, vanilla and musk, this gourmand goodness will leave you smelling like a sexy glazed citrus caramel cookie. Indulge!
  • Chocoholic - booze and chocolate anyone?  This fragrance is inspired by Montale's Chocolate Greedy*.  With notes of bitter orange, cocoacoffee, tonka and bourbon vanilla, this rich and boozy chocolate fragrance is both cozy and oh so yummy!
  • Delicious Dreams (formerly known as Gourmand Dreams) - calling all gourmand lovers! This fragrance is inspired by Christian Dior's Fève Delicieuse*. This parfum consists of notes of tonka bean, vanillacocoa, milk, caramel, praline and woody accords. It's such a unique scent and is unlike any other gourmand that we've encountered.
  • Liquid Gold - inspired by MFK's Gentle Fluidity Gold*, with notes of juniper berries, nutmeg, coriander, musk, amber, woods and vanilla. This is such a beautiful warm amber and vanilla fragrance!
  • Nectarine+Honey - inspired by Jo Malone's Nectarine Blossom & Honey*, this is crisp and refreshing fragrance with notes of nectarine, peach, bergamot, cassis, honeysuckle, acacia honey and musk.
  • Royal Flush - inspired by MFK's Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait*, with notes of saffronbitter almondcedarEgyptian jasmineambergriswoody accords and musk.
  • Shy Love - this fragrance is inspired by Kilian's Love, Don't Be Shy*!  This fragrance is suitable for any weather with notes of neroli, bergamot, pink pepper, rose, orange blossom, vanilla, caramel and marshmallow. An intoxicating sweet floral scent.

      directions: our concentrated parfums consists of a high oil content. if applying to your clothing, be cautious in order to prevent staining on delicate fabrics. flammable. for external use only. discontinue use if irritation occurs.

      ingredients:  denatured alcohol, fragrance
      net wt. 5 ml
      *daükens arôme co. is not affiliated or associated with the designer brands or their manufacturers.
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