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  • Blackberry+Sage (Seasonal)a bold and sweet herbal blend of blackberries and sage atop a base of woody notes.
  • Cashmere+Tonka (Seasonal) - soft and sensual notes of vanilla bean, cashmere, tonka and amber.
  • Coco+Cashmere - warm notes of vanilla, tonka, coconut, jasmine, cocoa butter, cashmere, sandalwood, amber and musk. Top Seller!
  • Fresh - notes of white cotton blossom and muskFresh and clean describes it perfectly! Top Seller!
  • Pink Cotton a fresh and sweet scent with notes of cotton candy, cotton blossom, lemon, caramel and musk. Top Seller!
  • Vanilla Pearls -  the perfect vanilla fragrance with notes of orchidvanillaamber and musk.
      directions: apply to the underarm area and rub in until absorbed. discontinue use if irritation occurs.
      net wt. 2.5 oz. | 71 g
      It has taken ages for us to get this recipe right and after numerous testing with various individuals, male and female, we feel confident that this will work for you also! It's so good that we even have other companies ordering from us and trying to duplicate it! We were aiming to create the deodorant in a solid stick form but it would've compromised the characteristics of our product and that wasn't an option.  If you're new to using paste/cream deodorants, there isn't much of a learning curve.  Just be sure to apply an adequate amount of product under your arms (not toooo much though) and you're good to go!  We even include a mini spatula to help you retrieve the product from the jar or simply use your fingers.  No worries, our formula spreads and rubs in easily and we had ZERO reports of it destroying shirts.
      WHAT'S IN IT?
      Organic Arrowroot Powder helps to absorb excess moisture.
      Beeswax provides a barrier of protection while still allowing skin to breathe. 
      Bentonite Clay absorbs toxins and extracts heavy metals from the skin. 
      Coconut Oil is also moisturizing and kills fungi, yeast and bacteria.
      Mango Butter is moisturizing, absorbs quick and is not a heavy butter like that of shea butter.  Also, we received comments from people who are allergic to shea butter and we wanted to make sure that more people could benefit from this deodorant.
      Magnesium Hydroxide Powder fights body odor.
      Zinc Oxide has antibacterial properties that help eliminate bacteria and heals the skin.  Did you know that Zinc Oxide is the active ingredient that's contained in baby diaper rash cream? 
      Zinc Ricinoleate is derived from castor oil and traps and absorbs odor molecules so that you don't smell.  It's a deodorizer.
      Fragrance provides you with great smelling pits!  Yes, our fragrances are phthalate free.


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      **The statements regarding utilized ingredients have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration.  They are in no way intended & should not be interpreted as medical advice to treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 129 reviews
      Fresh, I love it here

      I have been using her deodorants for the last few years. I was using another natural brand before this. I’m not a heavy sweater but I do stay dry and fresh, even when I work out.

      Teresa Tarver
      Love it!

      After having my baby, no deodorant worked at all….. AT ALL. My sister recommended this deodorant and it has been a LIFE SAVER! I can wear it all day. I have also used it under my boobs and fupa with no irritation. The vanilla scent is not too sweet or overwhelming.

      Keysha Smith
      Amazing product

      I absolutely love the deodorant (fresh)!!! It is the best natural deodorant that I have ever tried. It keeps me dry and smelling fresh literally all day long!! The deodorant doesn’t leave a residue! I’m in love with this product!

      S. Dawkins

      I don’t even have to put on daily…we share a last name so my people are doing big thangs lol

      Cyndie Romulus
      Daukens arome Deodorant

      I love how I have a great smelling aluminum free deodorant option. Soft amd easy to apply.
      Fresh, Fruits and Fleurs, and pink cotton are my faves so far, but can't wait to try more