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After extensive testing among both genders, we are proud to offer a product that rivals the standard for deodorant. Our aluminum-free formula is so successful that other companies have even tried replicating it! Yeah, we see you! To maintain the integrity of our product, we opted against the solid stick form that is commonplace. However, there is no need to overthink the use of paste applications. Simply apply an appropriate amount (not too much!), and our product will glide on smoothly. A mini spatula is even included to help retrieve the product, or you can simply use your fingertips. Rest assured, our formula won't ruin your shirts!


  • Candied Citrus - carry your senses away on a succulent escape with fragrant notes of sugared citrus, ripe strawberries, delicate jasmine and juicy peaches.
  • Coco+Cashmere - elegantly crafted with aromatic notes of vanilla, tonka, coconut, jasmine, cocoa butter, cashmere, sandalwood, amber, and musk for a luxurious fragrance. Top Seller! 
  • Fresh - a harmonious combination of the refreshingly crisp aroma of white cotton blossom and the subtly sensuous musk creates a refreshingly clean olfactory experience. #1 Seller!
  • Vanilla Pearls - this exquisite vanilla fragrance boasts notes of orchid, vanilla, amber, and musk for a sweet and creamy aroma.
      directions: apply to the underarm area and massage in until fully absorbed. if any discomfort arises, discontinue use.
      net wt. 2.5 oz. | 71 g
      WHAT'S IN IT?
      Organic Arrowroot Powder assists in drawing out surplus moisture.
      Beeswax creates a protective layer that facilitates air circulation to the skin.
      Bentonite Clay acts as a detoxifier, effectively drawing out heavy metals from your pores.
      Coconut Oil is also moisturizing and kills fungi, yeast and bacteria.
      Mango Butter moisturizes efficiently, quickly absorbs, and is lighter than Shea Butter. Additionally, we received feedback from people intolerant to Shea Butter, thus ensuring a larger demographic could benefit from this deodorant.
      Magnesium Hydroxide Powder fights body odor.
      Zinc Oxide possesses antibacterial qualities that effectively eradicate bacteria, in addition to promoting healing. Did you know that zinc oxide is also a prominent component in a variety of baby diaper rash creams?
      Zinc Ricinoleate, derived from castor oil, binds and absorbs scent particles, successfully eliminating odor. It functions as an effective deodorizer.
      This deodorant offers great smelling results thanks to its phthalate-free fragrance.


      daükens arôme co. is not affiliated or associated with the designer brands or their manufacturers.


      **The statements regarding utilized ingredients have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration.  They are in no way intended & should not be interpreted as medical advice to treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 137 reviews
      Christina Kelley
      Best Ever

      I have been searching for a natural deodorant that actually works. This does wonders and addresses odor.

      The best thing ever

      I have sensitive underarms conventional deodorants have my pits dark and discolored. Natural deodorants have me reapplying at least once a day. This deodorant smells A MAZE ING all day long and I don’t have to reapply. It’s so gentle that my pre teen daughter can use it as well with no re application either. You have two new customers for life. It the test of 90 plus degrees like a champ. I hope you make this in more scents so I can buy every one. I have told everyone about this amazing product. I never thought deodorant could smell this good work so well and not be bad for me. 10/10 everyone should buy this.


      I've tried every deodorant on the market and ones advertised on Facebook. I decided to try this after reading the reviews. I LOVE it! I bought the candied citrus and it smells so good. I just placed another order for my sister and the vanilla pearl one to try for the colder months. My daughter hugged me the other day and said I smelled like Gummy bears, and it was the deodorant. I applied after my shower before bed and forgot to re-apply in the morning. There was no smell almost 20 hours later. I've never used a deodorant that I haven't had to reapply multiple times, until now.

      Love Daukens Arome Deodorant

      I had been looking for a good non-aluminum deodorant that lasts and then I finally found Daukens Arome! I love these dedorants and have tried all the scents and they are all amazing. I will forever be a customer.


      It does what it is suppose to do keeps me fresh all day plus it keeps me from having to reapply when I mid day I. This TEXAS heat!!!! And I love how all the ingredients are all natural ingredients healthy for me to use and my daughter too